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Our Top 9 Reasons Why

color delivers...

Research has proven that using color in business documents can have measurable results.

Color Captures Attention, Enhances Productivity and Improves Communications

Color increases readers' attention spans and recall by 82%.
Posters, banners, safety notices, warnings and vital technical information are more likely to be remembered if they stand out in color. That can help decrease costly and time-consuming errors throughout your company.

Have you thought about adding color to your safety policy documents?

Color gains readership by 80%.
Adding color to advertising, product guides and company brochures can help critical information get read, helping ensure that customers read your promotional material.

Have you thought about adding color to your internal and external business collateral?

Color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%.
Your brand means everything and with a simple splash of color your customers, vendors, consultants and others can easily recognize your company's identity. Whether you have an online presence or bricks and mortar, improved brand recognition can lead to increased sales.

Have you thought about adding color logos or full color wraps to your fleet of vehicles?

Color reduces errors by 80%.
Improperly completed forms and applications can bog down data entry and customer service departments. Highlighting important information and instructions can help employees and customers fill out forms correctly the first time.

Have you thought about adding color to your internal checklists or external forms?

People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-color piece of mail first.
How do you get a customer to open mail from you quickly? Simply use color on the envelope. By capturing their attention, you are more likely to get a speedy response.

Have you thought about adding color to your envelopes or direct mail materials?

Highlight color improves search time by 39% compared to using different fonts.
Administrative personnel can spend less time looking for information and more time performing critical tasks if the information is easier to find. Using color to highlight it can make the difference.

Have you thought about adding color to your binder tabs for ease of reference?

Color increases comprehension by as much as 73%.
Your employees, clients, and potential customers can understand your message faster and more clearly.

Have you thought about adding color to all your posters and banners?

Color increases learning and retention by 78%.
Training sessions can be more effective when the presentation materials and guides are produced using highlight color, rather than using just bold type.

Have you thought about adding color to your training documents?

Color increases motivation by up to 80%.
Getting response from employees can often be more difficult than getting response from customers. Using color on memos, correspondence and posted notices from payroll, human resources and personnel can help motivate your employees to respond in a timely fashion.

Have you thought about adding color to your employee onboarding or customer survey forms?



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