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Everyday Green

Rileys is committed to supporting our community and our environment by establishing sustainable practices within our business.

We can provide you with ways to manage and distribute your information while reducing the use of paper.

Working Green

We recycle all of our paper and cardboard waste to defined recycle bins. This includes all scrap paper, roll cores and cardboard. Our toner bottles are also returned to the manufacturer for recycling, and, where requested, all excess material is shredded and sent to be recycled.

Rileys exclusively uses OCE equipment for the production of large format black and white drawings. OCE equipment is made from steel, not plastic. That means the equipment is returned to the manufacturer at the end of its life and is de-commissioned. All useful components are saved and the frame is returned to the Netherlands for refurbishing or to reclaim the metal. In the end, more than 97 per cent of the unit is recycled.

Printing Green

Our new Xerox digital color presses offer an estimated 20% energy savings per printed page vs. conventional dry ink toner using Emulsion Aggregation Toner. This superior quality print on demand solution reduces overall waste on short run projects. As well many of the papers we use on a regular basis already carry recycled content and FSC certification. Available at clients’ request in Calgary, and now used exclusively in Edmonton, we offer recycled wide format 20 lb white bond.

Living Green

Throughout all of our operations, we have recycling programs in place. Everyday, our employees are committed to minimizing the amount of waste from our operations.

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